Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Educational Benefits

For dependents of veterans to qualify to receive in-state tuition the dependent must be eligible to use the veteran’s transferred GI Bill® benefits. A copy of the GI Bill® benefit transfer confirmation page would satisfy this requirement. 

If you have questions about this policy the IVETS staff would be happy to help. You can reach us at  

There are alternative ways to establish residency and we have a department dedicated to this.  

It may be possible for a member of the IVETS staff to remove the registration hold on your account. We will need to determine when your benefits for the current semester were sent to the VA and check with the VA to make sure the payment is processing without any issues. If we can verify the payment is processing with the VA we will be able to remove your registration hold as long there are no outstanding personal charges on your UBill.   

You will need to apply to utilize the transferred benefit. This is done by completing VA Form 22-1990e (Application for Family Member to Use Transferred Benefits) which can be found online. The VA will process your application and send you a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) to the address listed on your application. The COE defines the terms of your benefits such as percentage of coverage and months of entitlement. The IVETS office will need to have a copy of your COE to attach to your file. You can send a photo or scan of the front page of the COE to  

The IVETS office works closely with the Office of Student Financial Aid to provide you with supplemental financial options to ensure that you are able to pay your UBill with a combination of your GI Bill® benefits and supplemental funds. Contact Financial Aid for more information.

The online Veterans Worksheet is our way of gaining your permission to request the VA to utilize your benefits for the semesters you’ve noted on the form. The IVETS office would be happy to check on the status of your  Veterans Worksheet and review the terms you’ve selected. Please reach out to us at 

No, it is not too late to request to use your benefits if the semester has already started. Complete the online Veterans Worksheet, select which semesters you’d like utilize your benefits for, hit submit and the IVETS staff will send your request to the VA. If approved, you will receive the back pay beginning with the first class day of the semester.   

Your file number is the Social Security Number of the veteran whose benefits you are using. 

Your payment is processed by the VA. The VA takes 3-6 weeks to process each claim that they receive. If you would like to check on the status of your payment(s): 

  1. Call the VA Student Hotline at 1-888-442-4551. 
  2. Press 0 to speak to a representative. 
  3. Notify them of the term you are checking on. This is the beginning and end date of the semester in question. 

Call the VA at 1-888-442-4551. Press 0 to speak to a representative. Have your routing number ready to set up direct deposit.