Iowa Veteran Education, Transition, and Support (IVETS)

The Military Veteran Student Services office has joined forces with the Veteran Education Transition Services office to form the new Iowa Veteran Education, Transition, and Support (IVETS) unit.

The IVETS team is currently located in both 2706 UCC and 3702 UCC

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Support and Resources

Looking for information on tutoring, military-friendly classes, scholarships, graduate school, job materials, peer mentoring, and the computer lab/lounge? Visit this page. 

Certificate of Eligibility (COE)

A Certificate of Eligibility (COE) is a document the VA sends to the student verifying benefit eligibility.  The COE must be on file so the billing department can confirm the availability of funds from the VA.  

How to Apply - VA Website

Veteran Worksheet

All students wishing to use their GI Bill® Benefits MUST complete the GI Bill® Worksheet every year.   This worksheet authorizes the University of Iowa to certify enrollments with the Veterans Affairs (VA), and covers Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring Sessions.

Online Veteran Worksheet

Resident Tuition for Veterans and Dependents

If you are a Veteran or a dependent of a Veteran, please contact us to inquire about in-state tuition eligibility by emailing or calling (319) 335-3895.

Resident Classification Info


Veteran Transition

Transitioning from military life to campus life can be challenging.  To help in that effort, we have developed a transition guide that outlines the steps needed to get your GI Bill Benefits rolling.

Veteran Transition Guide (Coming Soon)

Scholarship and Financial Aid Assistance

Looking for resources to help you pay for your education? Check out our scholarship and financial aid guides. 

Scholarship Information

What am I eligible for?

There are many benefits available for members of the Veteran and Military Community along with their dependents and spouses.

Navigating these benefits and deciding which ones apply to you can be frustrating, but we are here to help! We have dedicated staff trained to work with you and simply the process.

Take a look at the benefits below and let us know if you have any questions?

Student Benefits

Veteran and Military Community Policies 

Veteran and Military Community Policies

The University recognizes and appreciates the important contributions made in service of our country by these men and women. In support of these students, the University has developed procedures to provide each student with maximum flexibility. Consistent with the policy developed during the Middle East crisis of 1990, veterans, members of the national guard, US military reservists, spouses and dependents that are affected by military activation have the following options:

Withdraw the entire registration and 100% of the tuition and mandatory fees would be refunded.
If arrangements are made with the instructor for grades or incompletes (to be made up later) in the courses, the registration would remain intact and tuition and mandatory fees would be assessed in full.
If arrangements are made with only some of the instructors for grades or incompletes, the registration for those courses would remain intact and tuition and mandatory fees would be assessed for those courses. Any courses for which arrangements cannot be made for grades or incompletes could be dropped and the tuition and mandatory fees for those courses would be refunded.

The option the student chooses obviously depends on the point in the session when the student is called to active duty. Financial aid is refunded in accordance with existing University and Federal policies for each of the above situations. Inquiries should be directed to the Office of Student Financial Aid. These procedures do not apply to reservists who are fulfilling their annual two-week active duty.

In addition to the above mentioned University of Iowa policy there are implications related to any financial aid you may have through the various federal programs. The rules on these are not necessarily within the control of this institution. Consultation with the Office of Student Financial Aid in Calvin Hall is advised as soon as is convenient.

If you were previously enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) and are returning, or have returned, to the University of Iowa after an extended absence (four consecutive years or more), you may use the CLAS ReStart option to request removal of one or more of your previously completed CLAS academic sessions (i.e. semesters or winter/summer enrollments) from future grade point averages and satisfaction of degree requirements.

See Policy 

ALL students that have completed their GI Bill Benefits worksheet and have been certified by the University, will not be restricted in any way for the first 90 days of a semester if the reason for the delay in making payments for the certified semester is due to a delay in receipt of benefits from the VA.  This will include assessing late fees, charging restrictions or registration holds.   After the 90 days, the University will treat each Veteran on a case by case basis. 

Veterans in College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (CLAS) who have been deployed overseas may have the International and Global Issues GE CLAS Core requirement satisfied by this military service if such service is noted on the Veteran’s DD-214 form. DD-214 forms should be submitted to the Office of the Registrar. If you believe you should qualify, but it is not noted on your degree audit, please email or visit the VET Services office at 2706 University Capitol Centre.

The IGI requirement will be satisfied by this overseas service, but no credit will be awarded and there will be no reduction in the hours needed for graduation.

This policy applies to both new students and those continuing in CLAS.