Cadet Life

One of the wonderful parts of AFROTC is that every cadet can have the typical college life experience. The average cadet takes about fifteen credit hours a semester depending on their major. As a cadet, you can join Greek life, be on a sports team, and join various clubs around campus. AFROTC works to create a more rounded college experience. There is Physical Training (PT) three times a week, Leadership Lab, and a class a semester that teaches about various aspects of the Air Force. Besides the mandatory things, AFROTC works hard to create fun moral events throughout the semester! Cadets have opportunities to go paintballing, regular game nights, and even a chance to fly planes with Civil Air Patrol (CAP). 
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Frequently Asked Questions about the Air Force ROTC

AFROTC does not guarantee free tuition, but scholarships are available to high school and college students.

There is absolutely no commitment to try the program out your first year. We like is call this 'Try before you buy'.

Unless you have a scholarship, you have two years to decide if you would like to commit to service or not. The minimum service commitment for Non-Rated careers is 4 years, and 6 years for Rated careers. Pilots have a minimum commitment of 10 years.

Yes, every Thursday, you will wear a uniform to Leadership Laboratory and will remain in uniform until 4:30 PM.

A typical week for a cadet consists of physical training Monday and Wednesday, and attending Leadership Laboratory. Cadets also attend an Aerospace Studies class to learn about the Air Force and leadership.

Yes, you can participate in clubs, sports, Greek life, and any other opportunities the University of Iowa offers. 

Cadets will take 2 AFROTC credits their freshman and sophomore years. This increases as an upperclassman.

Cadets are required to attend Field Training for 14 days during the summer after their sophomore year. There are other opportunities including shadowing an officer on an Air Force base and internships.