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Interested in joining the Hawkeye family, or recently admitted? We've got you covered. Check out our guide for newly-admitted military-affiliated and veteran students. 

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From then to now...


IOWA has a rich military tradition going back to 1861 when 124 students laid down their books to fight. The first military course was established in 1864 and in 1874 a well-organized military department was initiated, with First Lt. Alexander D. Schenck leading the first State University of Iowa Battalion. 

Continuing this tradition there are currently more than 2,400 Veterans, dependents, and current service members attending the University of Iowa.

Find out why so many members of the military community choose to join the Hawkeye family!

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Soldiers lined up for a military drill inside the Armory, The University of Iowa, 1920

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The staff of IVETS is dedicated to our Veterans, dependents, and current service members. We offer many resources to assist along their academic journey.

See what resources are available available to Veterans and military-connected students at IOWA!

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