Student in the National Guard or Reserves missing class?

National Guard and Reserve members take part in required trainings throughout the school year. They also might be mobilized, as many were in spring 2020 to help the state of Iowa with the COVID-19 pandemic, or deployed. These absences can be sudden and with uncertain departure and return dates.  

Absences for Military Service Obligations

The University of Iowa's Operations Manual requires instructors to work with students who are absent due to military-related obligations.

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Military Student-Related Polices

There are many policies connected to student veterans and current service members at the University of Iowa, including those related to absences due to military service obligations. 

Student Veteran Experience

Looking to learn more about what veteran life is like on a college campus? Please check out these articles.

Invisible Cultural Barriers

Contrasting Perspectives on Student Veterans' Transition

Practical implications for institutions and university employees seeking to support the civilian reintegration of military Veterans are provided in the following online article.

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Being an Ally for Student Veterans

Veteran Ally: Practical Strategies for Closing the Military-Civilian Gap on Campus

Recommendations for training faculty and staff and enhancing the visibility of VMC issues through ally training and student Veteran discussion panels are discussed in the article.

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Veterans in the Writing Classroom

Three Programmatic Approaches to Facilitate the Transition from the Military to Higher Education

Drawing upon a two-year study of student Veterans in college writing classrooms, this article analyzes three types of courses developed in an effort to respond to increased military-affiliated student enrollments: Veterans-only, Veteran-focused, and Veteran-friendly. The article concludes with recommendations for an asset-based approach to professional development for writing faculty.

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"Brave Words": Rehabilitating the Veteran-Writer

Along with using the ceramic and Kevlar body armor I learned to don at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, I metaphorically defended myself from the disruption to my personal and professional life that would result from this mobilization by calling it a fully funded overseas federal fellowship.

Liam Corley 

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Workshops and Additional Resources

The BUILD initiative offers free workshops for participants and the IVETS team is available for any questions you might have. 

Building University of Iowa Leadership for Diversity (BUILD)

The BUILD initiative is an opportunity for UI faculty and staff to gain strategic knowledge and skills to contribute to a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.

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Iowa Veteran Education, Transition, and Support (IVETS)

IVETS supports Veterans, the military-connected community, and their families at the University of Iowa as they navigate their educational paths. Interested in seeing how we can help? IVETS is happy to talk to you about what we offer.

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