Army ROTC Scholarship Information 

The Army ROTC scholarship program provides merit-based scholarships for the education and training of highly qualified and motivated young men and women, high school and college students who desire to commission as officers in the US Army upon graduation. Two-, three- or four-year scholarships are available to qualified students on campus. Three- or four-year scholarships are available to qualified high school students.

On-campus scholarships are available to students currently enrolled at The University of Iowa, Coe College, or Kirkwood Community College. These competitive, merit-based scholarships are available for qualified first-year, sophomores, and juniors with at least four semesters remaining to graduate. Seniors planning to attend graduate school may also qualify for scholarship benefits.

The Army ROTC High School Scholarship Process is for high school seniors. High School graduates may also apply if they have yet to complete any college courses (for up to three years following high school).

Scholarship applications for high school students are available on-line at:

Deadline for applications is January 10th of the senior year.

If you have questions about scholarship opportunities, please contact the Recruiting Operations Officer at (319) 335-9192 or

Scholarship Benefits

Scholarship recipients receive full tuition and student & lab fees, $1,200/year for books and incidental expenses, and a monthly stipend of $300/month for first-year, $350/month for sophomores, $450/month for juniors, and $500/month for seniors.

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

We assess the eligibility criteria for each student during the scholarship application process.

Scholarship Recipient Obligations

All scholarship recipients must satisfactorily complete the US Army ROTC Program of Instruction. This includes the ROTC Basic Course, Army ROTC Basic Camp, the ROTC Advanced Course, the Army ROTC Advanced Camp, and other Professional Military Education (PME) requirements. Scholarship recipients must also maintain satisfactory academic and physical fitness standings.

All Cadets receiving a commission as Second Lieutenants incur a military service obligation of eight years. This obligation occurs in the following ways:

Active Duty commitment of 4 years; followed by 4 years National Guard or Army Reserve Duty, or Inactive Ready Reserve. Inactive Ready Reserve members are subject to call-up and return to active service.

National Guard or Reserve Duty of 8 continuous years; if the member had a Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty (GRFD) scholarship during Army ROTC.

National Guard or Army Reserve Duty for 6 years - followed by 2 years Inactive Ready Reserve; if the member participated as a Simultaneous Membership Program Cadet.


Students may contract with Army ROTC without a scholarship. Students become eligible for this opportunity with six semesters remaining to graduate. Students exercising this option receive the monthly stipend as a benefit.

Students participating in Army ROTC and serving as members of the Army National Guard or Army Reserve have the opportunity to become members of the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP). SMP participation entitles these students to receive additional financial benefits through the Army National Guard or Army Reserve while completing their degree program.