Want more?

Check out our DIY workshop questions below for the essay portion of the application. Use yourself or provide to a friend who's reading your essays to guide their focus. 

  • Service: Where do you see the writer’s dedication to service beyond self in and out of uniform in these essays? Where could the writer expand this information? 
  • Scholarship: Where is it clear that the writer is a lifelong learner, passionate about intellectual growth? Where could the writer make this clearer? 
  • Humble Leadership: In what ways do the essays demonstrate the writer’s selfless commitment to leading by example? Where could the writer expand on this? 
  • Impact: In what ways do the essays show that the writer is determined to unite others and advance ideas that change the world? Where might the writer make this clearer? 
  • Specificity: Note the places where the writer could provide more specific examples to illustrate their points and where they could make specific connections between their experiences for a more compelling narrative. 


When you’re finished, take a few minutes to reflect and make a revision plan. 

  • What elements of your essays do you feel most confident about right now?   

  • What concrete actions do you need to perform between now and the due date? 

  • Create a timeline for yourself. Break up all of these actions into doable chunks (a few hours/day at most).   

More Resources for Applicants

The Office of Graduate Student Success offers appointments for graduate students who are applying to fellowships and scholarships. Set up a one-on-one appointment with them to review your materials before they are due.

The Director of Scholar Development provides resources for undergraduate students across campus when applying for fellowships, grants, and other funding. Although they are housed in the Blank Honors Center, they offer support to all undergraduate students. 

The Writing Center provides feedback at any stage of the writing process for undergraduate and graduate students. They offer written feedback through their online paper review service, as-needed 30-60 minute appointments, and weekly meetings with the same tutor to build writing skills.