Student Benefits In-State Tuition

U.S. Veterans and current members of the U.S. military may be eligible for the in-state tuition assessment. U.S. Veterans, current service members, and military spouses/children eligible to use GI Bill® education benefits are entitled to in-state tuition during the semester in which they are eligible to use said benefits. The in-state tuition policies apply to all educational levels. Students receiving in-state tuition must remain continuously enrolled to continue receiving the benefit. New and re-entering students must meet the policy criteria current at the time of admission or re-entry to be eligible to receive the in-state tuition benefit. 

Documentation of eligibility is required, and should be submitted as soon as possible prior to the beginning of the term for which you are requesting in-state tuition to facilitate correct assessment of tuition, scholarships, grants, and financial aid. Documentation for Veterans, current service members, and dependents eligible to use GI Bill® benefits includes: COE (certificate of eligibility), DD214, or military orders. Please contact for more information.

Documentation will be accepted through the last day of the term for which you are requesting in-state tuition. In-state tuition will not be granted retroactively for previous terms. 

Most students will notice a positive change in being assessed in-state tuition. However, assessment of in-state tuition may impact your financial aid, scholarships or grants. For more information, please speak with the appropriate contact below.

Non-resident students who are not eligible for in-state tuition based on military affiliation may gain Iowa residency by completing the 12-month residency process. For more information on gaining Iowa residency, visit the Resident Classification webpage.