Veteran and Military Community Lounge & Computer Lab

3702 & 3704 University Capitol Centre
Fall Hours: 8 AM-10PM* Monday-Thursday; 8 AM-6PM* Friday

*For entrance after 5 PM Monday-Friday, swipe your student ID card at the outdoor Madison Street entrance (to the left of the mall entrance by CVS) with the Military and Veteran Student Services sign on the glass. Take the elevator up to the third floor. The lounge and computer lab are down the hallway, the first door to your right. 

Vets Lounge Coffee and Microwave

Need a jolt of java? Reheat lunch?

Come in and grab a cup of coffee and use our microwave.
Veterans Lounge Charger and TV

Phone dying?

Stop in and use our charging station and catch up on the news.
Veterans Lounge Chair and Water Cooler

Been running between classes all day?

Take 5, refill that water bottle, and stay hydrated!
Veterans Lounge with Chairs and Map