Mission Statement

The purpose of the Iowa Veterans Education, Transition, and Support Office is to not only help Veteran and military-affiliated students adjust to life at a large public university, but to also assist them in becoming active and contributing members of the general campus population. While we understand and are prepared to provide the complex and diverse services needed by some of our returning veterans, we also realize that the vast majority of veterans attending the University of Iowa excel and thrive in the university setting. We see it as our charge to engage our entire population and provide them with the resources they need to achieve unbridled success in any endeavor – be it academic, professional or personal. Here at the University of Iowa, we truly understand what it is like to serve and continue to honor that commitment every day.


The Military and Veteran Student Services (MVSS) along with the Veteran Education Transition Services (VETS) have joined forces to create the new unit of Iowa Veterans Education, Transition, and Support (IVETS). This new unit was officially formed on January 1, 2020.

There are more than 2,260 veterans, dependents, and active-duty members attending the University of Iowa during any given term, and it is the purpose of the Iowa Veterans Education, Transition, and Support office to provide all Veteran and military-affiliated students with the resources, guidance and assistance they need to be successful Hawkeyes.

There are more than half-a-dozen educational assistance programs funded through the Veterans Administration and while a majority of our veterans are receiving educational benefits from the VA, we also serve a large and growing population of Veterans who do not receive benefits but are continuing their education.

    What do we do?

    Navigating forms? Identifying available benefits?

    Transitioning from military life to campus life can be challenging. 

    The VETS team is here to help!

    Veterans may obtain the following services from this office:

    • Certification of enrollment for educational benefits
    • Tutorial assistance
    • Referrals for counseling for financial, vocational, and academic problems
    • Disability and Compensation claim filing
    • Veterans work study job information
    • Information about changes in legislative regulations which affect veterans
    • Information about University procedures and community services


      Department of Veterans Affairs Liaison

      The Office of Veterans Services also acts as a direct liaison between The University of Iowa and the Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Office in St. Louis regarding underpayment, overpayment or nonpayment of benefits. The University of Iowa has no separate financial aid available for veterans at this time.

      Veterans expecting to enroll under the educational benefits administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs may obtain application forms from the Office of Veterans Services if they have not previously established their eligibility with the Department of Veterans' Affairs. Transfer students, and returning students need to complete a Veterans Worksheet to confirm their intentions to re-enroll.

      Certified copies of your separation papers, form DD-214, should be submitted with an initial application for benefits. Submission of a DD214 is not necessary for students who have used the benefit before. All forms should be sent to the Office of Veterans Services.

      The first GI BILL benefit check will traditionally be received approximately six weeks after the first day of class.
      Veterans benefit allowances, Department of Veterans Affairs programs and policies, and University of Iowa services and procedures frequently change. To obtain current information about VA benefits, your eligibility for benefits, rate and method of payment, or the address of the nearest regional office, call 1-888-442-4551.

      Related programs and services available to veterans at The University of Iowa include:

      • Army and Air Force ROTC programs
      • Reserve and National Guard Units from all branches of the military
      • A major VA hospital on the University's west campus